Lecture 5


Intertextuality – a relationship between different texts, especially literary texts, or the reference in one text to others.
A good website I found on intertextuality is: http://www.bookrags.com/tandf/intertextuality-intertextual-tf. 
Also, this video helped me a lot to understand how intertextuality is implied in art and how it helps convey a message. Intertextuality in art helps people understand the message because it uses commonly known facts and apply it to other works. Comedy shows and cartoons often use intertextuality to mock or state their opinion on current issues of the world, mostly politics and religion.

In this episode, the kids ask a couple of Mexicans to write their essays for their literature class, it turns out they end up writing letters to they friends as they use "eses" as a slag for friends. This mocks how some American citizens pay Mexicans to do random work. Depending on how far intertextuality is taken, it can become offensive and insulting, but if used within reason, it is an alternative way of speaking ones mind without directly approaching the matter.

This lecture helped me open my eyes when I look at images. I now look deeper into the meaning of the picture and look for the intertextuality implied.

Another video I found found interesting while studying the topic of Semiotics, including intertextuality is :

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