Lecture 4

 Photography as communication Structuralism Binary divide / oppositions Process model of communication Codes
In this lecture we looked at Structuralism, Binary Opposites/Divide, Process Model of Communication and Codes as different ways to convey a message within a picture.
Structuralism is how a picture is structured, how oppositions in myths are displayed. As structuralism works with myth, it is connected to Binary Opposites/Divide.
The French anthropologist Levi-Strauss created the theory of binary opposition, which is known to be pairs of opposites used to form and organize human thought and. Some binary oppositions are straight forward such as, hot/cold, wet/dry, but some have been implied in ways that one is more privileged than the other, creating a hierarchy. For example, white versus black where white represents purity and goodness and black represents darkness and anger.
Structuralism is how we are able to communicate through the use of images.
Moving on to the Process Model of Communication, the way a message can be conveyed from source to viewer. The sources or senders are the signs displayed in an image to communicate a message. What could interrupt the way a message is conveyed is the noise in the image.
What creates meaning in the image are the Codes. Codes are the way signs are organised in an image, how they help the viewer read the image. 

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